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Some Of My Favorite Links!

Cyber Wars
Really Cool Animation at the beginning!
Make Your Own Miniatures!
Create your own mini toys, ect... COOL SITE!
Weapon X's Home Page
Lots of Transformer Pics, Links and other stuff!
More Than Meets the Eye
Loaded with Stuff
Primacron's Transformers Homepage
All about the Mysterious Primacon, and other cool stuff
The Transformer Toy Tribute Page
Excellent page.....A must see!
Alpha Trion's Database
Fully Loaded! See it to believe it!
Transformer Joe's Domain
Nice drawn images of transformers!
The largest transformer archive ever. Links galore!
Blur's Pad
Site about Blur, amongst other things!
Trypticons Lair
Site all about trypticon,,,, excellent!
Greg Gaub's Homepage
Excellent Site Loaded with things for TF Fans!

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